We Offer Best Shipping Experience

The best is the least we can do

RD Logistics provides different types of brokerage services that meet yours transportation needs. We can handle huge variety of loads and there is no limit for our business. We are here to help you move your freight , to cut costs and make it easy. Our team is dedicated to serve all your needs and to find just right solution for you.


We are able to offer huge number of loads from our transportation network that cover all 48 states. There is no question that we can’t answer about truckloads.


When you need cost effective way to handle less then truck load we are here to provide fast and reliable solution. With us you can manage frequency of your loads so you can use your sources better especially with time sensitive LTL loads.


Most important thing for us is to provide very reliable carriers , especially when you need to move temperature controlled freight. With good carriers from our database we can find fast and reliable solution.


When you need flatbed carrier to cover some shipment that you can’t pull with dry van trailers we are here to connect you with right carriers. Also we are capable to work with step deck trailers.


We are here to do estimation about every aspect of transportation cost and to offer you best solution for small parcels. Sometimes we can do much better if we manage those as LTL shipment or even consolidated freight. Just work with us to cut your costs.


Very often good consolidation makes a huge money saving and good efficiency. We can help you out with yours LTL loads to connect all to full truck loads. Doing that way, we can save you a lot of money and makes you more competitive on the market.



We dedicate 100% of our time to you - our customers, contract carriers, growers, and suppliers - as we accelerate safe and reliable service by delivering products and goods that drive the industry.

With us by your side, you can gain control over costs, minimize risk, and continually improve outcomes. We can help you exceed customer expectations, grow your business, and outpace competitors.

We provide the best possible service every day. We adapt to and deliver on our customers’ needs for timely transportation, visibility, and insight. Nothing moves without our carriers, and that’s why we appreciate everything they do. We take care of each other, because everyone matters. We hire the best and continue to learn every day.